Late Bloom in San Francisco

Normally at this time of year (late November) I’m doing lots of digging — preparing holes, digging up failed plants, making ready. There’s something satisfying about the garden settling down, getting ready for winter, for change.
But, in defiance of common North America climates, as usual my San Francisco garden refuses to go dormant. October warmth brought another round of blooms on all my roses, many of which are still going strong. My Graham Thomas (orange-yellow David Austin) is looking as good as it ever has. Pink blooms ring my garden from a variety of shrub types.
My neighbors keep telling me how beautiful my garden is, but I find that I’m exhausted. Contrary to habit, I’m leaving the spent buds on the plants to help them go quiet. Uck.
As lovely as the near-enternal spring was (blooms from March to November!), I yearn for my garden to sleep.
Rest — then change, renew, and a new spring.

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