it’s hopey changey time

And how exciting is that!

The pale green squibbly things on the Scarlet Oak’s naked limbs are brand new, never before seen leaves; the dead-as-a-doornail looking wisteria is changing right before my eyes, from gray twigs to purple cascades to coppery leaf canopies and green spirals of new vine; sage buds are re-swelling, creeping thyme is re-creeping, the lily has pushed up new feathertops six inches high that will grow to five feet and regale the air with sugary white trumpets.

The new babies are here: Buffy the Brown Towhee is still hidden in the hedge but out of the nest; Baby Hummingbird is already aloft, and a multitude of colorless new Goldfinches are flocking with their brilliant yellow daddies. New newts are under the birdbath and flower pots.

The blue-eyed grass, California poppies, jewel flowers, and roses are all blooming. New, new, new! Fabulous new colors for Spring! Bees are busy, crane flies are flopping like crazy, a new swallowtail butterfly flutters by. The live oaks are two-tone, old dark green and new light green.

Fresh green elderberries nod on their new green stems. The ancient rhododendron is primped like a school girl, all pink and floozy with flower. Raindrop bling on fresh rose petals, and buds, buds, buds!

It’s nature’s best ad for itself… Spring: that hopey changey thing that’s workin’ for ya!

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